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Jespy - Breakthrough

The distinctive funky beat caught my brain’s attention.

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Imagined Herbal Flows - Hip Hop Scientist

Currently hooked into his awesome music.  The way he creates instrumentals combining jazz, soul, and feel-good vibes instantly got my attention. It’s unique and addictive.

Joey Bada31583 - Snakes Feat T nah Apex (Prod By J Dilla)

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Joey Bada$$ feat. T-nah Apex and J Dilla - Snakes

My favourite track from Joey’s latest mixtape, “1999”
The collaboration between Joey, T-nah and J Dilla is perfection.

De La Soul - Leave Your Cares Behind

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De La Soul - Leave Your Cares Behind

From their new mixtape, “Smell the DA.I.S.Y (Da Inner Soul of Yancy)

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Ruby Ibarra - Like This

A super talented Filipino rapper. Her latest album, “Lost in Translation” is definitely worth checking out. We need to see more female rappers in today’s generation. 

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N-qia - Shootingstar

After hearing their previous track called ”One Day”, I was instantly hooked into their style. Then I hear their new track, and once again I’m blow away by the awesomeness of this track. These Tokyo duo are something else.

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CYNE - Avians

From their awesome new album, “All My Angles Are Right”

De La Soul - Dilla Plugged In

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De La Soul - Dilla Plugged In

New De La Soul mixtape! What makes this even more awesome is that it’s FREE. Go to the link below to get the amazing free mixtape.


I love this track the most from this mixtape. It is beautifully dedicated to the one of the legendary DJs, J Dilla.

Jungle Brothers - Doin Our Own Dang Feat. De La Soul, Monie Love, Q-Tip & Queen Latifah

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Jungle Brothers Feat. De La Soul & Moni - Doin Our Own Dang

This track can’t get any more funkier.

Intelligent Hoodlum - Black and Proud

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Intelligent Hoodlum - Black and Proud

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